Monday, November 28, 2016

More Card Captor Sakura Anime planned

This news from ANN has me extremely surprised. Card Captor Sakura Anime is a magical girl CLAMP title from the late 90s. The last time we ever saw Sakura and few others was Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle  Manga and Anime.

According to the ANN post the key voice actors will be reprising their roles and even better news is that animation studio Madhouse is doing the Animation work. They were the ones that animated the CCS TV series and two movies. Can't wait to see them apply their modern tools and skill set to

Got to wait Until at least 2018 though, I hope it gets Simulcast on Crunchyroll when it airs in Japan.

You can read the ANN post below:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Naruto Shippuden is getting a board game (spoilers)

While there are plenty of Naruto.Shippuden video games out there to play (3 of the games are on Steam and the major consoles right now) I don't think there has been a board game for the English speaking fans to be able to play. I'm not much of board gamer myself but still nice to see non-video game related Anime stuff come out in the west.

 Found this overview/preview video on The Dice Tower youtube channel.
Note: The video does contain possible plot spoilers if you are in the middle of watching the Anime or reading the Manga.

Monday, May 09, 2016

That Humble Manga Bundle

A few days left for this one and it's got some fairly well-known titles such as the first volumes of Parasyte and Attack on Titan. Both of these are probably better known for their Anime series adaptations. At least current titles (in the fandom) were chosen to be in the bundle.

It's only sold 5900 bundles at the time of this post but I hope Viz will do this too at some point.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just Finished: Familiar of Zero Season 2

Season 2 aka Knight of the Twin Moons is a 12 episode season that picks up right where Season 1 left off. With Loise and the boy from another world (Modern day Japan) , Saito.

Agnes, royal guard captain probably gets most of the character development in this season. I guess the initial concept of Familiar of Zero aka Zero no Tsukaima drew me in back in 2007 but I wanted more. The steady development of the main relationship, an evolution of Saito's ability. Just something.

 The use of WW II fighter was really stretching it for me. Teenage boy knows how to make repairs to the war plane after it was just in  a rough landing. Fixed it with metal and items found in a Medieval world. Sort of reminds me of "Army of Darkness" to be fair to FOZ.  One  was about a making a chainsaw and "boomstick" usuable while the other is about a flying hunk of metal...

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Started watching Dagashi Kashi

It is an Anime that started airing last month and so far only four episodes are out/simulcast. The show is about a boy that wants to become a manga artist but his father wants him to carry on the family business of running a countryside snack shop. The shop also sells model kits.

The main protagonist's name is a pun of Coconuts. 
Oh and the show follows the trope of one of the parents not being with the family for one reason or another. The dad is as big of a goofball as the dad  from Bleach.   So many Gundam parody sequences in just two episodes.

Only seen the first two episodes so far and it is really a nonsense show. My only real takeaway  so far is that I like to eat Japanese snacks (like potato chip flavors unique to Japan,Konpeito,  Pocky, Ramune and so on.) This show has gotten me interested in trying  more stuff. In the first episode alone, I had to look up that snack featured there. Umaibo?

I think that Funimation and Japancrate (japanese snack subscription service) should do a cross-promotion for the show. How or what I don't know but it would make sense and since it's being simulcast via English Subs, do it now while it's timely. 

Monday, January 04, 2016

Starting off 2016 with a Final Fantasy Record Keeper event

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a mobile game (for Android and iOS) that does away with the Story and exploration of Final Fantasy and focuses a great deal on the turn-based from From Final Fantasy 1 up to 10. It is a collaboration between  Square-Enix and DeNA.  Free to download a  play and so far the only pay system is to get more chances to get rare items.

Battle is setup like older games , You pick up to 5  characters to be in you battle party. Each character on the team gets a weapon, armor, an accessory and two assignable abilities. You choose actions via touching the commands at the bottom of the screen. What makes this more interesting than the actual main games is that Record Keeper allows you mix you battle party with both Heroes and Villains. Even bad guys have limit (Soul) break skills.

Around New Years 2016,  A New Event called Defying Fate started up where you could recruit all of Final Fantasy X characters available so far (Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu and so on)  The New character being Rikku, the thief.