Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Started watching Dagashi Kashi

It is an Anime that started airing last month and so far only four episodes are out/simulcast. The show is about a boy that wants to become a manga artist but his father wants him to carry on the family business of running a countryside snack shop. The shop also sells model kits.

The main protagonist's name is a pun of Coconuts. 
Oh and the show follows the trope of one of the parents not being with the family for one reason or another. The dad is as big of a goofball as the dad  from Bleach.   So many Gundam parody sequences in just two episodes.

Only seen the first two episodes so far and it is really a nonsense show. My only real takeaway  so far is that I like to eat Japanese snacks (like potato chip flavors unique to Japan,Konpeito,  Pocky, Ramune and so on.) This show has gotten me interested in trying  more stuff. In the first episode alone, I had to look up that snack featured there. Umaibo?

I think that Funimation and Japancrate (japanese snack subscription service) should do a cross-promotion for the show. How or what I don't know but it would make sense and since it's being simulcast via English Subs, do it now while it's timely. 

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